Because we believe that art is essential to bind the individual to his community, LA SERRE — art vivants provides emerging artists with an environment that is conducive to the creation and dissemination of meaningful work.

LA SERRE is a decisive incubator to improve the conditions under which emerging artists in the performing arts carry out their work. It positions itself as a collaboration agent between artists, various partners and the community. Artistically, LA SERRE promotes works and approaches that forge transparent links between the arts, nature and society and which foster encounters between the various disciplinary and sectorial sectors.

More specifically LA SERRE’s mandate unfolds in three parts:

  1. Support to emerging artists (projects in research-creation, production and development)
  2. Event production (OFFTA festival, Vous êtes ici/You are here, national and international curatorial projects).
  3. Les Ateliers de LA SERRE (a workplace and a research laboratory available to emerging creators).

Production and support
for emerging artists

LA SERRE — arts vivants helps to develop strong works by supporting research & creation, production and development. Through this mandate, LA SERRE — arts vivants offers support to artistic projects from the early stages of creation to presentation, making sure each step is fully developed. With the artists we elaborate tools and methods that are adapted to the evolution of their practice and the development of their work.

The idea is to offer artists' projects a favourable environment to the creation of strong works that can later enjoy a long life.

  • Research & creation
  • Production
  • Developement

To be announced in the next few months



Gabriel Plante

"Do we really need a referee to play a sport?"

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C’est par la fragilité
que la révolution œuvre

Adam Kinner with Noémie Solomon

"What is the most fragile, here, is the most forceful."

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National and international events

Since its foundation in 2007, the organization has developed an extensive expertise in curation and event production. The events hosted by LA SERRE, both on stage and in public spaces, offer unique opportunities for emerging artists in various moments of their careers, encouraging national and international recognition of their work and multiplying the crosslinks between communities.

The OFFTA is an artistic event created by Montreal artists on the edge of the Festival TransAmériques. The OFFTA offers a multidisciplinary program centered on contemporary creation and the encounter of various art forms. The OFFTA bases its identity on an art direction encouraging strong and singular approaches, emerging practices and experimentation. Learn more

Vous êtes ici / You are here is an intensive week of multidisciplinary creation for the graduates of the different live art schools of Montreal. Bringing together many young artists both francophone and anglophone in dance, theatre and performance, this unique event has the objective of discovering new artistic practices. A new platform dedicated to the artists, Vous êtes ici / You are here a new platform dedicated to artists, is a meeting space as well as a panorama of what is to come. Learn more

Once a month throughout 2017, POSSIBLES will present the works of 12 artists from various disciplines in collaboration with 12 creative partnerships in 12 distinct Montreal venues. The Objective: Provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to create new POSSIBLES that explore 12 local community topics of interest. Learn more

Les Ateliers de LA SERRE

Invited by the Monument-National, the organization will set up the Ateliers de LA SERRE, offering a workspace and a research laboratory available to emerging artists in the Montréal performing arts community. This space, currently in development, hopes to become a meeting point for the artists of the city to share and exchange ideas.