Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Lauranne is a transdisciplinary artist with a background in visual arts, sociology and contemporary dance. Lauranne likes to think of her artistic practice as a praxis, a philosophy in movement.
Sensitive to the urgency of changing our way of being-in-the-world, notably by reducing our needs and adopting a minimalist lifestyle, she is specifically interested in the ascetic body and its ability for self-sufficiency. By challenging the body, she tries to reveal its power and to explore the strange interstice which links hardship and emancipation. She considers her creations Ponos – à l’épreuve du poids (Tangente, 2019), D’une montagne sans sommet (ponos II) (Tangente, 2022) and Tu es le vent (co-creation, 2022) as tools of empowerment.
Lauranne is also the founder of Devenir(s) corps, an upcoming residency program and live arts studio located in Montpellier, Outaouais.