Nasim Lootij / Vâtchik Danse

Revolting against the restrictions imposed by the Iranian regime on dance, Nasim Lootij left Iran for France in 2006. In Paris, while perfecting her knowledge of choreography, she began to choreograph. Wanting to reflect the anxieties of Iranians in her creations, she became interested in a forgotten aesthetic: German expressionism. After a decade of learning and creating, she left France for Quebec where she co-founded Vâtchik Danse with dramaturg Kiasa Nazeran.
Performed in a neo-expressionist atmosphere, their first solos, Moi-Me-Man and La Chute revealed to the public a renewed image of the ongoing issues of the Iranian people. Witnessing the vulnerability of humanity in the face of Covid, they thought of addressing the current socio-political crises in a duet entitled L’Inconsistance. This process inspired new questions about the essence of politics. These are at the origins of a new piece entitled Political Space.