Stéphane Maddix Albert

Quirky chiac & english bilingual storyteller, Stéphane Maddix Albert is inspired by ancient tales that have been kept alive in Acadian homes until the sixties-ish; stories intertwining deep wisdom with strange corners of the mind that disrupt the usual flow of our train of thought. While honoring the plot and character archetypes, Maddix rebirths them into our current world through unconventional and unexpected twists that tickle the brains of both young and old. His creative mind is fed by scrap yards, shopping malls, folklore, suburbia as well as by sci-fi, contemporary art, queerness, activism, and peasantry. His performance style is casual, vibrant, funny and on the verge of psychedelic. Maddix is from Moncton, New-Brunswick and is now residing in Gespe’gewa’gi (Gaspésie) on unceded territory of the Mi’gmaq Nation; these places shape his life and art.