Twinned Residencies Glasgow/Montreal

Elena Stoodley

In order to promote the circulation of ideas and practices, LA SERRE welcomes artists through residency exchanges with different local, national and international partners.

These partnerships enable local emerging artists to meet new artistic communities from different territories and, inversely, national and international artists to forge connections with the Montreal art context. Theses year-round encounters creates a context of exchange conducive to the enrichment of artistic practices and collaboration within the community.

This twinned residencies Glasgow/Montreal are a way to maintain international artistic connections and creative friendships when physical travel is not possible. Two artists from Glasgow will undertake a residency at Take Me Somewhere and two artists from Montreal will undertake a residency with LA SERRE. Each artist will be allocated a ‘Host’ from their twinned city, who will meet them online to act as a creative sounding board, and introduce the artist to their local artistic community.

The artists:
Kama La Mackerel (Montreal)
PAIX (Glasgow)
Anya Sirina (Glasgow)
Elena Stoodley (Montreal)

Take Me Somewhere (Glasgow, Scotland)
A festival of contemporary performance in Glasgow, as well as a support and hosting platform with a significant pool of British artists.

Supported by the British Council’s Connexions Quebec-UK program, by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, as part of the Quebec-UK Bilateral Cooperation with the Ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF).