Arts & Care Seminar

We need to understand that imagination and care allow us to form our relationship to the world, to make reality habitable
– Cynthia Fleury

This exclusive collaboration between two entities that seemingly have nothing to do with each other opens a conversation space geared towards replacing care within mutual attentions.

Inspired by philosopher Cynthia Fleury’s reflections, who introduces care as a “social project”, LA SERRE and the Gouin psychology centre foster the formation of bonds that tie resonances, reciprocities, and reverberations together. With no applicative or curative ambition, this transdisciplinary engagement is working to create an ecosystem for those who live within the perimeter of both organizations as well as outside.

Adopting the seminar format, which is widely used for continuing education in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, artists, caretakers, patients, and researchers gather once a month to discuss a text, an art piece or a fragment of reflection that helps them create a fertile conversation space.

Participants :

Sophie Bertrand
Mélanie Binette
Myriam El Khoury
Eveline Gagnon
Valérie Lamontagne
Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Alexanne Lessard
Émilie Martz-Kuhn
Anne-Marie Ouellet
Camille Paré-Poirier