Voix théâtrales / AMPLIFIER

The Centre des auteurs dramatiques, Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal,  LA SERRE — arts vivants and the Conseil des arts de Montréal created Voi.e.s.x théâtrales and AMPLIFIER program to highlight the artistic and social contributions of theatre artists from culturally diverse, indigenous, or racialized communities working creatively in one of Canada’s official languages. The two programs are offered on an annual alternating basis between CEAD and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal, in order to support artists writing in French and artists writing in English.

Voix théâtrales
Voix théâtrales, a space for creation and support, a space-laboratory dedicated to the writing of a dramatic work and its opening towards creation. Established in 2019, this initiative aims to provide artistic support to professional Indigenous Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) and diversity playwrights, i.e., those from a cultural community, first or second generation immigrants, or visible minorities.

23-25 dada
21–23 Hoda Adra
19-21 Luiza Cocora

AMPLIFIER tangibly supports the professional development of theatrical writers from cultural communities, and reduces obstacles faced by these artists in the Montréal theatre community, including those related to inclusion, access to resources and services, visibility and legitimization, and funding. Additionally, it seeks to foster dialogue between Montréal’s English- and French-speaking theatre communities, as well as intercultural exchanges and greater representation from culturally diverse artists within the theatre community and on Montreal stages.

23-25 chadia
20–22 Sylvia Cloutier