Alegría Gobeil

Alegría Gobeil lives/works with practices considered self-destructive. Doctored forms of action – what is considered unintentional, accidental, contagious, compulsive, collective, symptomatic – inform their work. Their indisciplinary practice takes the form of performances, writing, archives, images, protocols, documents and installations. It circulates in the visual and performance art context here (Le Lieu, Espace Maurice, Folie/Culture, OFFTA, FAAS/Centre CLARK, Centre SKOL, FAPTR, RLAP) and recently, elsewhere (Gruentaler9, Berlin), as well as in the literary context (Moebius, Cigale, Calliope, Festival de la poésie de Montréal, Le Port de Tête la nuit). A holds a Master’s degree in visual and media arts (UQAM), their research proposed anti-psychiatric and performative theory/practice of self-injury, in light of the experience of psychiatric interrogation.