Elisabeth Senay

Trained as a drama teacher (UQAM, 2011), Elisabeth Senay teaches at primary, secondary, college and university levels. Her artistic identity is thus rooted in school and community environments, leading her to focus on the creative potential inherent in these spaces, far from the spotlight. A jack-of-all-trades, committed to theatrical craft, she is accustomed to piloting collective projects – moving between writing and directing –, as well as maintaining an active teaching practice.

Her approach is characterized by a co-creative approach to directing, aimed at fostering horizontality in working methods. Her work is nourished by an obsession with the past, artifacts and collective imagination. With an interest in the greater repertory and archival elements, she re-reads and seeks to multiply critical as well as playful perspectives that allow her to shed light on the present. Our relationship to norms also runs through her work. Having focused her Master’s in Theatre (2021) on the question of gender stereotypes, she is pursuing the goal of thwarting expectations, whatever they may be. With Semer la mémoire, she embarks on her first solo writing project.