Nomadic Residencies

LA SERRE – arts vivants offers a mobile residency program that allows a cohort of artists, creators, playwrights, researchers, cultural workers, and activists to take advantage of a multimodal conversation space within which they can test new ideas while evolving in an environment that facilitates interdisciplinary friction. This interstitial circulation space offers an open zone, a field to invest to rejuvenate your practise, to share what falls off, to grow on fallow, to articulate still fragile ideas and to celebrate unsuccessful thinking.

Four periods of collective work, spread over the year, give each participant a chance to broaden their approach through activities stimulated by knowledge brokers from various fields. These exchanges are combined with solo working times in LA SERRE spaces to lay the foundations of a future creation.

Halfway between truancy and a workshop without expertise, the Nomadic Residencies overturn the presumed solitude of studio work to turn it into a structuring catalyst for imagination. They are betting on reciprocal commitment, collective intelligence, shared gestures, thoughts, and actions capable of remodelling our relationship to the world and the living to nurse the creative processes.

For the 2021-2022 season, the Nomadic Residencies take advantage of an exclusive partnership with the City of Montreal. Participants have the opportunity to work outdoors for four weeks in two of the large Nature Parks of the island (Pointe-aux-Prairies and Cap-Saint-Jacques) to the rhythm of the four seasons.

Artists of the 2021-2022 program:

Olivier Arteau
Mélanie Binette
Sonia Bustos
Philippe Dépelteau
Frédérique Dumas
Audrée Lewka

The nomadic residency program program is offered in collaboration with the City of Montreal and with the support of the Festival TransAmériques.

Camille Bergon + Anne-Marie St-Louis + Peter Shaw
François Bouvier
Antoine Charbonneau-Demers
Gabriel Cholette
Pénélope Deraîche Dallaire
Thomas Duret / Baobab – Création multidisciplinaire
jean & syd
Simon Lacroix
Frédérique Laliberté
Laïla Mestari
Brice Noeser
Simon Portigal
Alejandro Sajgalik
Dominique Leclerc + Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle / TRS⎮80
Naishi Wang

Jacynthe Carrier
Claudel Doucet
Nicola Dubois
Burcu Emeç + Michael Martini + Nien Tzu Weng + Roxa Hy
Harriet Gillies
Louise Michel Jackson
Audrée Juteau
Camille Lacelle-Wilsey
Simon Lacroix
Audrey Leblanc
Etienne Lou
Hanna Sibylle Müller
Brice Noeser
Morena Prats
Sébastien Provencher + Julia B. Laperrière

Kim-Sanh Châu
Amélie Dallaire
Jocelyn Pelletier
Simon Renaud
Grande Surface